National Vocation Awareness Week

By Reverend Christopher Martin, Vocation Director

Every year the Church offers to the faithful an entire week dedicated to vocation awareness. What does this mean?

Certainly it is an opportunity for us as a people of faith to be grateful to the many men and women who inspire us by the very lives they lead. But, it is also a time for us to reflect on the fact that we all have a vocation.

The Church reminds us that Jesus calls us each by name to follow Him in faith and love by living our lives no longer for ourselves but for Him. This is what is referred to as the universal call to holiness. Beginning at baptism, each of us is destined for heaven. So becoming a saint is not so much an option for a few, but the pre-requisite for all to enter into heaven.

Jesus calls individuals to follow Him in three primary ways; priesthood, marriage, and the dedicated single life (including consecrated life). Read more »


What is Truth?

by Fr. Mike Schmitz

Check out this keynote talk on Truth during Wk#1 of Steubenville Mid-America 2011.

Discerning the Voice of Christ

by Fr. Brian Fischer

Steubenville STL Mid-America


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Before the Cross | Parish youth ministers share Christ with young Church

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Archbishop Robert J. Carlson Column

Dan Huss has been a youth minister at Incarnate Word Parish in Chesterfield for 13 years. He gave up his job as an accountant — and took a significant cut in pay — to share Christ with young people. He says he wouldn't go back on that life-changing decision for anything. He thanks God every day for the gift of his vocation as a husband and father of three children and as a minister to the young Church. Read more »