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Zacchaeus and the Red Sox

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"Did I tell you about the time I snuck into Game 6 of the '75 Series?"

Uh, no, Dad. You kinda forgot to mention that. (Why is it that parents always tell the same old stories, but always forget to tell the good ones?!)

For those that don't know, Game 6 of the 1975 World Series is one of the most famous games in baseball history. Sox vs. Reds, with Cincinnati leading the series 3-2. Boston needed to win the game lest the "Curse of the Bambino" continue for another year.

YES, my dad is from Boston. Yes, I'm a closet Sox fan. But while I'm rooting for the Cardinals during this year's World Series, my dad's rooting for Boston-- and going in the Witness Protection Program.

Here's the story of the '75 Series: Read more »

God Come To My Assitance: The Story Behind the Photo

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God Come to Our Assistance,

It has been a while since I have blogged for this site.  I had worked up at a time a whole series of blogs based on the Gospel of Mark and then somehow I deleted them all before I could post them.  I actually think I left them on a flash drive and lost the flash drive.  I have learned my lesson from that and now I am back.  Instead of writing about the Gospel of Mark though, I thought I would share with you some reflections on different stories that I have come across. 

The following story I found on a blog called: “Chastity Project”.   The words in bold are direct quotes from the blog and my commentary follows in ordinary type. 


The Story Behind the Photo Read more »

Thoughts of an Intern

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“Intern you are not important!”, “know your place!”, “get me coffee!”This is the story of the life of an intern. After three internships during the last year and a half one would think that I would be tired of being the intern. However, this idea of an intern as a personal slave in the office has not been my experience with the offices in which I have worked. In fact, it has been quite the opposite. Read more »

Do I stink?

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I was over at a friend’s house the other day, a friend that I know well and whose house I visit often.  And I noticed, as I notice every time I go over there, that their house REEKS of dog. 


I’m not passing any judgment.  They have a dog, the previous owner had dogs, there have been dogs living in that house for probably 30 years.  It’s not their fault that their house smells like dog.  But it smacks me right in the face every time I walk through the door.  Read more »

To Date, or Not to Date ...What was the question?

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Recently, we on the REAP Team staff got a very interesting question from a high school student via email: “Is it worth dating someonewhen you really believe in your heart that you aren’t going to marry him/her?”


Few people in this country marry their high school sweetheart these days. According to the world’s foremost authority on relationships (“Google”), very few people (probably less than 3% of the population) marry their first love; and of the people who do, the divorce rate is comparable to the national average (about 50%). So, the odds of you marrying and staying married to someone you meet in high school aren't great.

…Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. Read more »


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I love my cell phone as much as anyone else does. If you ask my wife and my kids, they will tell you that I love it too much, and sadly I must agree; it’s a challenge for me to set it aside for any significant amount of time. But I’m sure you understand, right? People might be calling me, texting me, tweeting important things, posting awesome Facebook status updates and/or pics, and publishing cool Instagram photos! I, for one, certainly don’t want to miss anything. And of course I’m regularly updating, too, so that the world knows what’s going on with me – since inquiring minds need to know. The temptation to look at and use my cell phone is awfully strong…besides, what time is it? What is the latest weather forecast? Is it my turn to play in Words with Friends? Read more »

Saints: Suited Up.

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This month is going to be cray. 

I spent this past weekend in Kansas City, where the REAP Team staff led two retreats for St. Michael the Archangel parish in Leawood, KS. It’s the first of five out-of-town trips for me over the next month, of a wide variety – back to KC for more retreats, then off to DC for the March for Life with 1800 of my best friends from Saint Louis; after that, a college roomie-reunion in NYC, and then back to KC for another set of retreats.

I’m going to need more travel-size shampoo…

Don’t get me wrong – I’m thrilled! I love to travel and won’t have to grocery shop, since I won’t be home to eat that food anyway. There is no place like home, but it’s always awesome to visit somewhere new and, in celebrating the Mass in other parishes, be reminded that the Eucharist unites us all, all over the world. Read more »

Call me, definitely.

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“Hey! I’m moving on Saturday, do you think you could come by for a few hours and help me out?”

“Birthday party, Friday night! Respond via Facebook ASAP!”

“Winter formal is coming up in a few weeks, want to go with me to the dance?”

“We’re going to be up at school around 8am to set-up, can you come and lend a hand?”


Whenever a friend or family member (or someone we think is cute and has some potential) invites you to join them for any of the scenarios above, there are only two possible responses: yes, or no.

But wait a minute, Rachel, (you’re probably thinking) what about secret option #3 – ‘maybe’? Isn’t that a possible answer, too? Read more »

You Give Love…A Good Name?

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I know that I'm dating myself (not romantically, of course!) when I tell you this, but back in '86 when I was a young, hip, and trendy 23-year old, the song  "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi was all over the radio.  Yes, I's still on the oldies & classic rock stations :( but some day Ke$ha will be, too :).  As most of you know, the lyrics include these lines -

Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give love a bad name
Read more »

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Since it happened people exclaim “let me see it!” I pause for a moment wondering what in the heck they’re talking about and then remember that I have a ring on my finger that states, “I’m engaged.” I still try to wrap my brain around the fact that Ben, my previous boyfriend, is now my fiancé and you know what? It’s awesome!

I look down at my finger sometimes, being a girl who was never one to gawk over jewelry, and think, “what does this ring mean?” The proverbial “rock” that many women strive to get, one that sits on your finger and solidifies a romantic relationship that you’ve found here on Earth. The whole concept of getting a ring with a diamond on it seemed silly to me but it wasn’t just a ring I wanted, it was what it represented. Read more »