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I'm Sorry Albert . . .

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I’m Sorry, Albert…

Thanks to Joy FM and Deidre Pujols for taking the time to share her family’s point of view on her husband signing with the Anaheim Angels.  She did not owe that to our community, nor did we deserve it – especially considering how many people have been spewing hatefulness lately… Read more »

Top REAP Retreat Tweet Retweets of 2011

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Try to say the title of this blog three times fast.  If you can, email me an audio file of your tongue-twisting excellence, and I will send you a sticker!  (To enjoy my tongue-twisting prowess, by the way, you just gotta see this). But I have digressed quite enough already, even for me.

I am a big fan of social media – not only because it can be so fun, but also because of the impact it can make for God.  My favorite social media quote of all time is from our current Pope, who has told the church (that’s you & me, folks!) to evangelize the “digital continent.” If you don’t believe me, you can check it out yourself, here. Read more »


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I love to bowl! I like getting a group of friends together and walking into some dingy bowling alley that smells like moldy potatoes, putting on some stranger's shoes, and getting ridiculed by some '90s animated bowling pin. I know those descriptions don't make it seem like I enjoy bowling, but I love every minute of it.

Did I mention I'm lousy at bowling? Yeah, it's not my strong suit. In the rare moments when I knock down all the pins I run around like I just won the lottery. But the rest of the time I'm just trying my best to stay on the lane, not to cross the red line or to see my ball end up in one of the gutters. More often than not there are more than a few pins remaining after I've finished my turn, so I've learned not to expect to be hoisting any bowling trophies over my head anytime soon. Read more »

What in the Word?!

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We are just about ten days away from the implementation of the revised Roman Missal – but you already knew that, didn’t you? I’m sure that you, along with the rest of the English-speaking Church, have been eagerly learning everything you can about what words are changing, and why, right?

Oh…just me, then? Read more »

Not Just Another Long Car Ride

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It happened last month.  Four of us on our ministry team settled into my vehicle for a long car ride to a destination over three hours away.  And we were all surprised – and blessed – by what ended up happening.  I’m sharing it with you in the hope that you might have a comparable experience some day. Read more »

Tweeting a Youth Ministry Event

Fighting Ministry Burnout

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 Fighting Ministry Burnout.  Yup.  That was my topic for a talk I gave recently to youth ministers here in St. Louis.  If you want to listen, just go hereImagee

Study the faith? Enough school already!

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Do I really need to study my faith after all these years of religion class? I am tired of homework!

Isn’t it enough to just love Jesus and work on my prayer life? After all heaven is based on my relationship with Jesus, not book knowledge, right? Read more »

Wreaking Havoc

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How do you like to picture Jesus?

I don’t mean to conjure up the dinner table scene from Talladega Nights (although I do sometimes like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt). What I want to know is what you honestly see when you think about Jesus. Is he at a carpentry bench, or on a hillside with a sheep over one shoulder, or sitting at the Last Supper?

Every once in awhile, it’s good to have something come along and challenge our Jesus-picture. Read more »

3 Days Later

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This is a follow-up to my previous post Adoption Update and Thanks.  It was originally an email to supporters of the REAP Team.

Adoption Update and Praise    Read more »