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Today is Good Friday

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Today is Good Friday. I will never forget a comic that I saw, quite a few years ago. It was "BC" - the comic strip with cavemen. And, sometimes they define words, giving them unusual or wacky definitions. This time, they defined "Good Friday" as "the only Friday worthy of being called good". Read more »

Sarah's Story

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Last November, I played a concert in Kirkwood, the second (of two) "GlennonSongs" concerts. GlennonSongs is a CD of Christian music produced by a bunch of St. Louis area musicians to benefit Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital. I learned later that no CD project for Glennon had ever made money for the hospital and they were very reluctant to support it. Read more »


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Why did He decide to love me with such impossible love that He tore open His Heart? What does He expect from me? Why did He decide to offer me an unreachable star, so that His arms were stretched out and broken on the Cross? Read more »

May I tell him who is Calling?

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So today I was returning a phone call from a very important person. This is the kind of person whose secretaries have secretaries. So one of his secretaries answered the phone and asked that "question of all questions"... "May I tell him who is calling?" All kinds of things ran through my mind... Read more »

Cardinal Virtue of Security

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Yesterday I had the privilege of watching the St. Louis Cardinals home opener with thousands of others. Driving to the stadium I rolled the windows down, enjoyed the great weather, and inside me stirred up anticipation and excitement to be a part of something this large. Read more »


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I was at the Cardinal home opener yesterday. What a bummer! A loss to the Brewers? 8 runs to the Brewers? Are you kidding me? Like everyone else, I was amazed at the extravagance of the protection offered the President when he came to throw out the first pitch. Read more »

Making sense...

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So here's making sense of some "nunsense." You see religious sisters and nuns, you talk to them, and sometimes you're left with some questions about the way they live their lives. What is it all about? Well, there is a lot to the answer. Read more »

The Power of The Cross

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Would you confess to murder if no one suspected you and the ruling was given as suicide? It would be easy to think that you didn't get caught! Well, after watching The Passion of the Christ one young man changed his mind and confessed to such a murder. Read more »

In Praise of Silence

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Last night, driving home from a friend's house, I got in my car and experienced that familiar temptation to turn on the radio. I was ready to be distracted. Instead, I drove home in silence. Why is it that we constantly surround ourselves with audible activity? Read more »


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Do you ever wake up anxious? Concerned about the day, the week, the future? Are you about to graduate from high school or college? Are you in the middle of a difficult situation? Or is it as simple as thinking about that meeting you have later in the day? Read more »