Your Name - Karl Zimmerman

You might recognize the hockey mullet or his smooth voice, but it's Karl Zimmerman's passion for Jesus Christ that makes his music special. Karl has played in the house band at Steubenville the past few years and has been doing music ministry for teens all over south county, including helping to get XLT started there. Now Karl has completed his second CD, Your Name. The CD has twelve songs, most of which are originals. Many of these songs are used at noon mass at St. Catherine Laboure or at St. Clement's Life Teen. Your Name, a rock song praising the many names of Jesus, the upbeat sounds of *Blessed Be Your Name*, *Spring Training*, a song about getting in spiritual shape, and St. Read more »



Let this declaration rise across the world that the samedaykings (sdk) have arrived by the goodness of the Lord. Sdk, one of the new hot local Catholic Christian Rock bands, has risen from the ashes of secular sounds and accepted the challenge of ministering the Lord’s message via music to the masses. It has been said that people with dreams and ideas more often than not fail to act upon or achieve those dreams. It takes a special kind of person(s) to find the strength and energy inside and heart and soul to match. Sdk is just that, a special collective of spiritually grounded, faith based Disciples of Christ who have done exactly what they set out to do, reach their dreams. sdk have just released their freshman CD effort of 10 all-original rock Catholic Christian songs. Read more »



Echoing His Praise.

An inspired Catholic band from Minnesota's Twin Cities, Sonar is entering its fourth year of making vibrant, vocally driven music.

Drawing membership from at home and abroad, Sonar blends the talent of Australian Caroline Metzinger (vocals/guitar), Arizona native Reynaldo Moreno (vocal/guitars), and Midwest boys Tom Lewandowski (vocals/guitars), Nate Lamusga (bass) and Jeff Damm (drums/percussion).

Running the spectrum from edgy electric sets to haunting vocal acoustics, Sonar energizes and inspires listeners of all ages. Over the past three years, Sonar has played numerous concerts and led thousands in worship at events throughout the Twin Cities and across the country. Read more »


Inspiration 2004: Were you Inspired?

When? September 25, 2004. Where? Six Flags Mid-America. The day began at ten o'clock when hundreds of Spirit-filled teens flooded the park. Riding roller-coasters such as the Batman, Mr. Freeze, the Boss, and the Ninja were youth groups from all over the Midwest, ready to re-ignite their fire for the Lord. The conference officially kicked off at two o'clock when teens, youth ministers, seminarians, and anyone with a ticket filed into the Empire Theatre. God laughed when the incense set off the fire alarms, forcing us all to evacuate and wait half an hour before proceeding. The Most Reverend Bishop Hermann, who was accompanied by several seminarians, celebrated the mass. Read more »


Crossroads Music Festival a Success

Wow, what a day! That sums up CrossRoads 2004 in a single sentence.

We kicked off the day with music by [Matthew Baute]( before lunch and followed it up with an afternoon of Catholic music by the [Chris Shepherd Band](, [Samedaykings](, and [Ryan Meyers]( The 'kings took the opportunity to premiere their new CD at the festival. And Ryan Meyers played a great set even though he and the band had arrived from Mississippi at three in the morning. As only dedicated young musicians could, they drove back that night and flew out to a gig in California on Sunday. Read more »


Matthew Baute

Local singer/songwriter [Matthew Baute]( has just released his debut CD of twelve all-original contemporary Catholic Christian songs. The album "Love Wins All" has been well-received by teens, adults, teachers, youth ministers, religious and priests alike. Matthew was the Lifeteen music director at The Immacolata last year, and is currently active with the LifeTeen music program at Holy Trinity parish in St. Ann.

The album features the upbeat praise & worship song "Sing Out & Praise," the anthem "Yes, We Believe," a great Communion and adoration hymn that affirms the Catholic belief in the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, and a peaceful song of comfort and reassurance titled "Come To Me," based on Matthew 11:28-30. Read more »