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Who, What and Why?

*by Father John Borcic*

Who, What and Why? Interrogative pronouns all, and I would like to use them with regards to myself.

**Who** am I? My name is Father John Borcic and a few months ago Archbishop Burke asked me to become the Executive Director of the Office of Catholic Youth Ministry. His appointment came as a bit of a surprise since I seemed to be well entrenched in my quiet little parish in Dutzow, Missouri, where I was pastor for the past four years. Some of you may have heard of Dutzow, or even been there, since the Catholic Camp of America is in St. Vincent’s backyard.

I have to admit, though, that while it saddened me to have to leave St. Vincent’s, I did welcome the Archbishop’s appointment. It is exciting for me to come to work with two great staffs (the Office of Youth Ministry and the Catholic Youth Council) and to be in a position to help them prepare for a strong future – which leads me to the What question.

**What** is it that I am supposed to do? My understanding, in speaking to the Archbishop and to Bishop Hermann, is that my principal role is to conduct the merger of the Office of Youth Ministry and the Catholic Youth Council into one agency called the Office of Catholic Youth Ministry. I also understand that this doesn’t mean a reduction in services by either of the two programs. In fact, with a larger staff, and a combined budget, the stage will be set for some growth, even in the immediate future.

**Why** are we doing this? The merger is coming about as a result of the Strategic Pastoral Plan of 1999-2002 and the resulting reorganization of the Archdiocesan Curia. It is part of a larger pastoral plan that will help the Church in St. Louis realize its goals of conversion, evangelization, Catholic education, serving those in need, and exercising responsible stewardship. Should these not also be the goals of all Catholic organizations and agencies including OYM/CYC?

I will meet with the combined staffs of the two agencies on Thursday, September 8th and from there we will begin our journey to merge CYC and the Office of Youth Ministry. Please pray for us so that we will have a smooth merger and a grand and glorious future.

I hope to meet everyone who serves in youth ministry in any capacity. Please invite me to any special events or programs you may be having throughout the year. If my calendar permits, I will do my best to attend as many of these as I can. Thank you for all you do.


Habemus Papam!

We have a Pope! Yes, yesterday the 264th successor of St. Peter was chosen. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger will now be known as Pope Benedict XVI! We give thanks to the Lord for another shepherd to guide the worldwide flock. How appropriate that our new Holy Father has been chosen during this week of readings about the Good Shepherd. Now that we know who we have been praying for these past days, let us continue to lift Pope Benedict XVI up in prayer. May the Holy Spirit pour His many gifts upon him as he begins his call to be the "servant of the servants of God."


OYM to offer Internships

The Office of Youth Ministry is seeking applicants for summer internships. OYM internships are unpaid and offer young people an opportunity to give a period of service to the Church, while gaining valuable experience and formation, and for some possible academic credit.

To apply for an internship with the OYM please complete our online form at [www.stlyouth.org/internships/](http://www.stlyouth.org/internships/). You may also contact the OYM at 314.633.2500 if you wish to speak with someone or to request information.


Annual Catholic Appeal

Archbishop Raymond Burke has announced a new name and introduced a new logo for the Archdiocesan Development Appeal. It will now be called the *Annual Catholic Appeal — Serving Others*.

This new name will more clearly identify the nature of the work of the Appeal. The *Annual Catholic Appeal* is a direct appeal to the *Catholic* community. It is our opportunity to join in solidarity once a year through our sacrificial gifts and share our bounty in the spirit of true stewardship with those most in need. It is through the apostolates supported by the Appeal that we are *serving others*.

The Appeal has undergone several name changes since its establishment in 1949. Originally known as the Easter Fund, the Appeal was renamed the Archdiocesan Expansion Fund to raise monies to build new parishes and schools in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1972, in light of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council and the focus on the role of the laity in the Church, the name was changed to the Archdiocesan Development Appeal as new efforts were required to meet the Gospel command to serve others.


Youth Ministry - Who Gives A Hoot?

*by Bishop Bob Hermann*

I knew that would get your attention! **The answer is that Jesus does.** So does Archbishop Raymond Burke. So does Sr. M. Consolata whom Archbishop Burke has asked to be the interim Director of the Office of Youth Ministry.

**So do you! Over two thousand** of you attended [Steubenville St. Louis Youth Conference](http://www.stlyouth.org/steubenville/) in Springfield, Missouri. **Another 120** of you attended **You had some bad html here.**Project Life**You had some bad html here.**, and **135** of you have just come back from the Steubenville Youth Conference in Steubenville. **Many** of the parishes have signed up for [VITAL](http://www.stlyouth.org/vital/), a parish support program. **Some** of you will be welcoming to St. Louis **twenty young visitors from Holland** during the first two weeks of August, and they, in turn, will return the favor during next year's World Youth Day. Many of you have already registered for [World Youth Day 2005](http://www.stlyouth.org/worldyouthday/). **If you haven't registered, kindly check out the web page.**

**These are exciting times**, not only for you but for all the youth of the Archdiocese. Pope John Paul II keeps telling our youth: **"You belong to Christ and Christ belongs to you!"**

We will continue to lead you closer and closer to Jesus Christ, **to challenge you with His Gospel, to nurture you with the Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation** and to invite you to serve others in need. **Jesus**, then, **will use you** to bring others to know Jesus Christ in such a way that their lives will also be changed. This will bring you great joy!

As you know, Father Bob Smoot has taken a leave of absence. Let us keep him in our prayers. He has served you and the Church very well.

**However, the Office of Youth Ministry will continue to make exciting programs available to you.** Joel Stein will continue to work with Sr. M. Consolata in carrying on the work of youth ministry. So will Paul Masek and Heather Gallagher who do an awesome job with the [Reap Team](http://www.reapteam.org/)! Rosanne Twellman will continue to work with us as a part time event coordinator.

Please call Sr. M. Consolata or Joel Stein with any questions you might have about the above programs. Don't forget to register for [World Youth Day 05](http://www.stlyouth.org/worldyouthday/). I hope to see you at Inspiration 04 at Six Flags!

Meanwhile, pray for the Search Committee as it seeks a new Director of the Office of Youth Ministry. It is a joy to work with you!


New OYM Website

The Office of Youth Ministry's website has changed. Check it out today to get youth and young adult ministry related news, a calendar of events, and detailed information about all our programs.