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A Day For Adults Who Work With Youth: Training Day!

If you are an adult working in youth ministry, you don’t want to miss the Office of Youth Ministry’s TRAINING DAY!  This event is designed to help you and other youth leaders become better equipped to serve Christ’s Church and His Youth.

This compact day, filled with a variety of relevant talks and powerful prayer, is for veterens to newbies in youth ministry!

Here are the topics covered during the training: Read more »


Pope tells youth to follow Christ through his Church

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Submitted by Elizabeth Westhoff on August 23, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI told over a million young pilgrims to World Youth Day that the best way to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is through the Catholic Church.

At closing Mass, Pope tells youth to follow Christ through his Church - Madrid, Spain, August 21 (CNA/EWTN News) .- Read more »


Saint Louis, King of France

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Man of the Middle Ages

The thirteenth century brought all that was best and all that was worst about the Middle Ages to a culmination. Magnificent cathedrals, monasteries, and universities drew some of God's people to the light of God's Word. But surrounding streets and countryside teemed with folk lost in the shadows of superstition and fear. Cords of a common faith united people from far flung lands. But ambition and greed ran riot in the many political divisions of those lands and in the Church as well. Still, it was that simple faith that dominated most people's lives. Life is brief, and at the end await judgment and eternity. It is how you live that matters, and, thank God, His grace is available to peasant and prince alike. Read more »


Save the Date!

Even though the fun of summer is coming to  a close for all of us, the Office of Youth Ministry is excited to share with you some of what's to come!  We are always striving to find ways to better serve youth ministry in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  You will find we have events for families, teens, youth groups, youth ministers, core members, and anyone who wishes to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ!

We have attached a flyer or you can take out your smart phones or wall calendars and mark down these events below.  Please feel free to contact us at the OYM if you have any questions.

September 10, 2011 - Training  Day 

September 24, 2011 - SPIRITFEST Read more »


Get Your Tickets for "Bye-Bye-Birdie" and support your church family!

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Joins us as we close the 31st season of the Fr. Wiliam Scheid Players with a bang! The Catholic Youth Apostolate presents, through special arrangements with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc., the award-winning musical, Bye-Bye Birdie!  Come out and support your friends, family, and community.  Proceeds help support the Apostolate's youth programs.

Performance dates are:            Read more »


Steubenville Letter to Parents (from Youth Minister and Counselor)

Check out this letter from a St. Louis Youth Minister:

     In the eight years I spent bringing teens to Steubenville conferences as a Youth Minister or Core Member, upon returning, I bet I was asked by parents at least 100 times; “Mary…what did you do to my kid??”  The obvious answer is that I did nothing…but God, on the other hand, may have moved mountains.  Read more »