Memo from the Archbishop


TO: Presbyterate of the Archdiocese of St. Louis; Staff of the Archdiocesan Curia; and Parish Catholic Education, Catholic Youth Council and Youth Ministry Staff and Volunteers

FROM: Archbishop Raymond L. Burke

SUBJECT: Restructuring of the Catholic Youth Council and Office of Youth Ministry

DATE: June 6, 2005 – Memorial of Saint Norbert, Bishop

For the past year, I have been studying the organization of the Curia of the Archdiocese, in order that the offices which assist me directly may serve, in the best manner possible, the mission of the Church. A particular concern has been the pastoral care of the youth who are, as our late and most beloved Pope John Paul II so frequently reminded us, the hope of the future of the Church and
of society, in general. I have been helped very much in my study by the work of the Task Force on the Reorganization of the Archdiocesan Curia. On June 4 last, I published the Report of the Task Force and mandated the implementation of the Recommendations contained in the Report.

First of all, I am deeply grateful for all that the Catholic Youth Council (CYC) and the Office of Youth Ministry have done and are doing in service of our youth
and their families. I thank, in particular, Michael P. Kalist, the Executive Director of the Catholic Youth Council, and Sister M. Consolata Crews, F.S.G.M., Interim Director of the Office of Youth Ministry, and their staffs.

In accord with the direction given by Pope John Paul II for the new evangelization, it is my desire to enhance further the service of the Archdiocese on behalf of youth by assuring that every aspect of our care of youth aims at their formation in the Catholic faith and in holiness of life. Every activity we undertake with youth is to assist their growth in the likeness of Christ, their ever greater maturity in the Christian life.

Having studied the matter carefully and after much consultation, I have decided, effective this coming July 5th, to unify the work of the Catholic Youth Council
and the Office of Youth Ministry as the Catholic Youth Ministry of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. I have asked Father John J. Borcic, who has a long and fruitful experience with both the work of the CYC and the work of the Office of Youth Ministry, to devote himself full-time to the unification of our ministry on behalf of youth, and he has graciously and enthusiastically consented to do so. Father Borcic will have the title of Executive Director of
Catholic Youth Ministry. His office will be at the Blessed John XXIII Center.

Mr. Michael P. Kalist will have the title of Director of the Catholic Youth Council and Sister M. Consolata Crews will have the title of Director of the Office of Youth Ministry. They will work with Father Borcic, and under his
direction, to develop the full unification of the Archdiocese’s ministry on behalf of youth. The present services on behalf of youth will continue but with a particular view to the new evangelization, to the teaching and living of the Catholic faith with new enthusiasm and new energy on the part of our youth.

All of the above changes will take effect on this coming July 5th. I know that I can count upon you to assist Father Borcic, Mr. Kalist and Sister M. Consolata in advancing the unity of our pastoral care of youth. Be assured of my active involvement in the writing of a new and exciting chapter of youth ministry in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Thank you for your kind attention to all of the above. Also, I thank you, in advance, for your understanding and assistance during the time of transition.

God bless you, your homes and your service of the Church.


Go and Make Disciples

"Evangelization is the energizing core of all ministry with adolescents. All...programs of comprehensive ministry with adolescents must *proclaim* the Good News. They must *invite* young people into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus and *empower* them to live as His disciples." *(Renewing the Vision - A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry)*

In the last *NETWORKS*, I addressed "conversion" as the ultimate goal of our youth programs. We must help our young people encounter the love of Christ and respond to His call to follow Him and become His disciple. Simply stated, we must proclaim, then invite, and empower.

**To proclaim** is to announce the Good News. What good news? The Good News is that God loves each one of us and because of His great love, He sent His son Jesus into the world to reconcile us with the Father. By our sin, we say no to God as we try to find life and happiness apart from God. But our God doesn't leave us helplessly lost. Rather, He offers us mercy and love as a free gift that we can't earn nor deserve, only receive. We must share both the core of the gospel message as it has been handed down to us and the impact that this message has made in our life. It's the basic Gospel message that changes lives. It's our personal sharing of our faith that makes the Gospel relevant and more tangible.

**To invite** is to intentionally ask young people to entrust their life to Christ. We can't force someone to choose to follow Christ, but we shouldn't idly sit by and hope they do. Invite, ask, encourage, and challenge young people to embrace their faith. Do this again and again and again. We don't know at what moment they will respond so we should provide ample opportunities. Retreats, reconciliation services, praise and worship, and Eucharistic Adoration are all conversion opportunities that we should regularly make available to our young people. These are not the only avenues for conversion, but my experience shows me they are the more likely avenues.

**To empower** is to give young people the tools they need to stay connected to Christ. As young people (or anyone for that matter) experience a renewal of faith, they need to be taught how to tend and care for their faith. What does someone need to know to stay connected to Christ? How to pray, how to meditate on the scriptures, how to enter into the sacraments, how to get with others in supportive relationships, and how to serve others. It's not enough to tell young people they should pray, rather teach and show them how to pray. We must give our young people the "how to's" of maintaining a relationship with Christ or their faith will never mature at best, or die away at worst. Our aim should be more than informing them about our faith. Rather we aim to form in them a way of life. As Jesus has commanded us - Go and make disciples!

*Written and permission granted by Mark Berchem. Mark is the founder and Executive Director of [NET Ministries]( This is the second part of a 4 part series that will be printed in the NETWORKS Newsletter.*



OREMUS! Let us pray!!

Yes, you are invited to come pray for 4 of our St. Louis seminarians who will be ordained deacons. Everyone is invited to come pray and support these four men on Friday, April 29, 2005, on the eve of their diaconate ordination. Please come support vocations to the priesthood and join us in giving thanks for the generous response of these four men:

* Christopher Dunlap
* Christopher Martin
* Nicholas Muenks
* Aaron Nord

For more details please click [here](



OREMUS! Let us pray!!

Yes, you are invited to come pray for 4 of our St. Louis seminarians who will be ordained deacons. Everyone is invited to come pray and support these four men on Friday, April 29, 2005, on the eve of their diaconate ordination. Please come support vocations to the priesthood and join us in giving thanks for the generous response of these four men! For more details please click [here](


WYD Message from our NEW Holy Father

*From his first Papal mass:*

"I am thinking especially about the youths. My affectionate thought goes to them, Pope John Paul II’s privileged interlocutors, while, God willing, I wait to meet with them in Cologne on the occasion of the next World Youth Day. I will continue the dialogue with you, dear youths, future and hope of the church and mankind."


Habemus Papam!

"Habemus Papam!" We have a Pope! Yes, today the 264th successor of St. Peter has been chosen. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger will now be known as Pope Benedict XVI! We give thanks to the Lord for another shepherd to guide the worldwide flock. How appropriate that our new Holy Father has been chosen during this week of readings about the Good Shepherd. Now that we know who we have been praying for these past days, let us continue to lift Pope Benedict XVI up in prayer. May the Holy Spirit pour His many gifts upon him as he begins his call to be the "servant of the servants of God."

Please use this prayer to ask God to bless our new Holy Father:

> Lord God, you chose your servant Pope Benedict XVI
to succeed the apostle St. Peter as shepherd of your flock.
Listen to the prayer of your people,
and may our pope,
Vicar of Christ on earth,
strengthen his brethren in the faith.
May the whole Church be kept in communion with him
by the bond of unity, love, and peace
so that all will find truth and eternal life
in you, Shepherd of mankind.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.