Art of Accompaniment with Fr Chris Martin

Art of Accompaniment with Fr Chris Martin

Today’s show features a presentation by the awesome Father Chris Martin. This talk was presented to local youth workers in 2018. During this presentation, he shares practical commandments on how to accompany teens in ministry. We also talk about how Missionaries of Charity will always be better than everyone else. We’ve attached these 10 commandments below to help with your note taking!

10 commandments of the art of accompaniment:

  1. Foster a closeness that awakens trust
  2. Pay attention to your intuition to discover veiled expectation and requests for help, often not clearly expressed
  3. Be a credible witness through your own coherence of life, joy, and self-giving
  4. Be flexible with time and always be available to listen
  5. Respect him in who the Grace of an Almighty God manifests itself and from who a free response is expected
  6. Clarity in exposing the demands of a vocation without ambiguities
  7. Patience in order not to pressure or hurry the other in his process which may be slow
  8. To go out and search to facilitate encounter without harassing
  9. To console him in challenging moments
  10. Pray to obtain His favor the Grace of the vocation and enlighten his discernment

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